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In App Purchase Refund


TravelStorysGPS does not have the ability to process refunds since all purchases are strictly handled & processed through the iTunes store. To request a refund through Apple, follow the steps below:

You can follow these steps to seek a refund from Apple for these charges:
Go to
Select "Billing & Subscriptions"
Select "Subscriptions & Purchases"
Select "Request a refund"
Select "Request a refund" again
Sign in with your Apple ID
At the top, there is a drop down that says "I'd like to..". Click that and select "Request a refund"
Another drop down pops up that says "Tell us more.." Click that and select "My purchase didn't work as expected"
Select your tour then submit your request to Apple.*

*Apple will only process refunds if a technical issue prevented you from downloading the tours you purchased. If Apple does not issue a refund, please chat in and add a proof of payment such as an email receipt. We will then be able to consider your request._ Apple should process the refund within 48 hours if approved.


All payments on this platform go through Google Play and are not directly handled by TravelStorysGPS.

However, if you made a payment through Google Play and wish it refunded, we invite you to contact our Support Team by chatting in and add a proof of payment such as your payment history on Google to the ticket.

In order to know how to gather this data, we recommend the guide displayed on Google’s website:

How to get my transaction history on Google

We will then be able to consider your request.

Updated on: 28/03/2022

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